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News Archive

In our news archive you can find press releases of new products, links to test reports and exciting stories about HP Velotechnik recumbents.

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News 2010 – Developments, Test Reports, Recumbent Highlights

  • New products and options With HP Velotechnik's new products and component options you can enjoy your ride even more. All new products and changes are explained on our developments page. Here are some highlights: (10/27/2010)

    SnakeSeal - keeps your brake cables clean
    SnakeSeal protection for brake cables The innovative SnakeSeal fits into virtually all standard cable brake levers and effectively protects against the penetration of dirt and moisture into the cable housing. Thus the brake system remains smooth and significantly reduces the risk of the brake cables freezing in winter. The SnakeSeal sealing system replaces the adjusting screw for cable adjustment with M10x1 thread used in most brake levers. Additional weight: just 3 grams. HP Velotechnik integrates the new SnakeSeal as a standard in all cable brakes. Color: Black with red anodized housing stop. More details in the SnakeSeal manual

    Carbon fiber front boom
    carbon fiber front boom for recumbents Our new front boom made from carbon fiber combines high-end design with low weight. We offer the boom in BSA standard with and without derailleur tube, suitable for all models. Compared to the aluminum version, this saves 170 grams (when comparing front booms with derailleur tube.)

    More product news on our developments page.

  • English video: Gekko fx at Interbike Recumbent-Journal presents the new folding recumbent trike Gekko fx and explains, how to fold it. (Oct. 2010)

  • Scorpion fs E-dragster Scorpion fs E-Dragster Accelerates from 0 to 85 km/h in 3,8 seconds: At the University of Munich, our fully suspended Scorpion fs trike was converted into an E-Dragster. 4 electric motors with a total power output of 6kW have been connected to the rear wheel, 2 Impeller turbines push with additional 4 kW each. Batteries and electronics are water-cooled. As the pedal drive train has been removed, this vehicle can no longer be considered a cycle. The researchers lead by Prof. Marquardt chose the comfortable Scorpion fs chassis and our ergonomic recumbent seat, to design a test-vehicle intended for studies on electromobility concepts. And no, this vehicle is not for sale currently... (10/20/2010)

  • HP Velotechnik factory visit: At our Open House 2010, we opened up our development lab as well as the prototype frame building workshop, the frame pe-assembly and the workplace where each HP Velotechnik recumbent bike or trike is built uop individually. Special guests were the recumbent adventurer Lars Reisberg and Tilmann Waldthaler. Best watched as full screen HD-video (english version). (08/16/2010)

  • New folding trike: Gekko fx Actually, we planned to unveil our new fast folding trike Gekko fx at the upcoming Eurobike and Interbike shows in a few days. However, during our foto-shooting for our 2011 product news we got a visitor - but see yourself...

  • bentrider online recumbent blogScorpion fs review: Bryan Ball, founder of the american recumbent blog bentrideronline.com has published his review on the Scorpion fs, our foldable full suspension trike. The author enjoyed the ride: "When I first rode the Scorpion fs I thought it reminded me of a Mercedes S-Class. I was wrong. This thing's a human powered Maybach." Read the full review at bentrideronline.com (06/11/2010)

  • Trikerace 2010: Pink Pirat Sebastian Böhm Trikerace 2010 33 riders from six nations met at the informal European Cup Recumbent Trike Race on Saturday, April 24, 2010. The fastest trike racer was distinguished in brief races of just a few minutes on a fast course with banked corners, jumps, and ditches. In a thrilling race under the brilliant sun, Jahn Herscher won first place on his Hase Kettwiesel, followed by two Scorpion riders - Arne Ulrich and Max Sparn of HP Velotechnik. For Martin Wollner, the defending champion from 2009, the race ended after his Scorpion crashed into the straw bales during the semi-finals. Prizes from SON, Ortlieb, and Hase were awarded to the victors. For the 2011 Spezialradmesse Trike Race, organizers Hase and HP Velotechnik will make extra trikes available for use by visitors from the public and other tricycle manufacturers. To get an idea of the fun of driving a recumbent tricycle and the atmosphere of the race, view the photos in the 2010 Trike Race photo gallery. (Translation courtesy of recumbent journal) (04/28/2010)

  • Der Schauspieler Max Riemelt auf dem Liegedreirad Scorpion aus dem Film 13 Semester Scorpion in the movies Our Scorpion recumbent trikes appear in an action scene in the German movie 13 Semester. Watch a filmclip on our 13 Semester Making-of-page. There we also tell the story, how HP Velotechnik founders Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller made their appearance in the movie. (02/10/2010)

  • Liegerad GrassHopper fx mit AerolenkerExplore our new products for the 2010 recumbent bike and trike season on our developments page. (10/16/2009)

  • Trikerace 2009 at Spezi showThe 2009 Trikerace during Spezi show in Germersheim April 25th was won by HP Velotechik engineer Martin Wöllner on his Scorpion trike. Second was Arne Ulrich from HP Velotechnik, third Igor Pawiltchenko / team Hase. Congratulations! Check out the race report in our Trikerace-Picturegalery. (04/30/2009)

  • Tom Richter zu Besuch bei HP VelotechnikAfter 42.160 km around the world in 2 1/2 years on a Street Machine Gt recumbent Thomas Richter arrived back in Berlin where it all begun - congratulations from the HP Velotechnik team. Browse the pictures in his Tour en Blog. (04/24/2009)

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