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News Archive

In our news archive you can find press releases of new products, links to test reports and exciting stories about HP Velotechnik recumbents.

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News 2011 – Developments, Test Reports, Recumbent Highlights

  • Video: Scorpion fs trike reviewed by Velototal magazine The German bike magazine Velototal reviews the fully suspended and foldable Scorpion fs trike by HP Velotechnik. (12/30/2011)

  • Video: Riding recumbent through Europe In the summer of 2011, Kamran Ali set of for his journey from Germany to Pakistan on his Street Machine Gte recumbent. In this videoclip, Kamran presents his impressions from his trip through 10 countrys from Germany to Turkey. Read more on Kamrans journey in his blog Blog Kamran on Bike (12/30/2011)

  • Gekko fx Prospekt The new 2012 recumbent bike and trike brochures including the detailed brochure on our new Gekko trike are now available in our download-section. Delivery of the Gekko starts February 2012. For more details on what's new in the upcoming season take a look at our new developments page. (10/31/2011)

  • Eurobike Award for HP Velotechnik Gekko trike Press release: HP Velotechnik's new entry level recumbent trike Gekko (1,890 EUR) can be stowed in 60 seconds At the upcoming Eurobike show HP Velotechnik unveils the new compact collapsible "Gekko" touring trike. The Gekko has a sporty frame geometry and promises to provide lots of recumbent fun with its streamlined, relaxed, reclined seat position on an ergonomic, well-ventilated seat. The trike can be broken down for transport in just one minute to a space saving 103 x 58 x 83 cm. Delivery starts January 2012. At the Eurobike show, the Gekko trike will be awarded with the Eurobike Award for it's particularly innovative design and outstanding product quality. Visit HP Velotechnik at the Eurobike show in booth FW-300. Click here to read the detailed press release. (08/19/2011)

  • Prices for USA now include shipping and duties To simplify price communication and increase price transparency for our US American customers, we updated our price lists: The new MSRP now includes standard shipping from our factory to your dealer, import duties and customs handling. We also negotiated lower express shipment prices - if you are in a hurry for your new HP Velotechnik recumbent, ask your dealer.
    We have not changed the prices at this time, the new MSRP now only includes those handling costs that were formerly added by the dealer. Only for the Gekko fx fast folding trike the prices have changed: Starting June 2011, we offer a special Gekko fx US standard trike model that is pre-built and ready for fast shipment from our new US-warehouse. This trike is ready to go for a great price of US$ 2,290.00 including shipment to your dealer (limited accessory choice). The Gekko fx custom trike with full choice of options and accessories built to order remains available for our US customers for shipment from our recumbent factory in Germany.
    Canadian customers: See note on $ price lists for additional duty charge as canadian duties can be higher than US duties. Rest of the world: Our prices quoted in Euro do not include shipping and duties as they depend on the country of destination. Please ask your dealer for your final quote. (03/18/2011)

  • Video: No Squat Design? "On my Street Machine Gte recumbent, there is a sticker which says ‘No-Squat Design’ but this technology is not paying off for me at least. Here you see how I have to squat every day for my bike Maya. I go to work on Maya and when I reach home in the evenings and ‘m so tired, Maya gets all over me and wants to have a ride on my shoulder." Read more about Kamrans new 10.500 km trip from Germany to Pakistan in his Blog Kamran on Bike (03/01/2011)

  • Urkundenübergabe 2009 durch VSF Vorstand Albert Herresthal an HP Velotechnik Gold medal reclaimed: HP Velotechnik is 'Best bicycle manufacturer' for 2011 Recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik of Kriftel took the Verbund Service und Fahrrad (VSF) group's coveted award for "Best bicycle manufacturer 2011". We'd like to say thank you to our employees, suppliers and customers for the great co-operation! HP Velotechnik receives this award for the fifth time. The official ceremony will take place during the Spezi show in Germersheim on April 30th, 2011. Read more in our press release. (02/15/2011)

  • Video: recumbent naming cermony In April 2011, Kamran Ali will start his journey from Germany to Pakistan with a Street Machine Gte recumbent bike. Before he gets on his brike for this 10.500 km trip, his recumbent bike was part of a traditional naming ceremony under the eyes of nike godmothers. Read more about Kamrans tour in his Blog Kamran on Bike (01/05/2011)

  • Video: Gekko fx at Eurobike show Velototal-TV presents the new folding trike Gekko fx and interviews HP Velotechnik co-founder Paul Hollants at Eurobike show 2010. (01/05/2011)

  • bentrider online recumbent blog Gekko fx review: The leading amerikan recumbent magzine bentrideronline.com has reviewd our new fast folding trike Gekko fx and is impressed: "The Gekko just feels like a trike that will last many, many years.(...) Of course, what really puts this trike on the map is its fold. I'll get this out of the way and say that it really does fold in under ten seconds. No matter how many times I folded it, I still got a silly little grin on my face. It's more than a little bit amazing. (...) I'm very impressed indeed."
    Read the full review at bentrideronline.com (01/05/2011)

  • English video: Gekko fx at Utah trikes Our US dealer Utah trikes presents the new fast folding recumbent trike Gekko fx. (05.01.2011)

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