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News Archive

In our news archive you can find press releases of new products, links to test reports and exciting stories about HP Velotechnik recumbents.

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News 2013 – Developments, Test Reports, Recumbent Highlights

  • Bentriding the Andes Mountains
    Dan Celis and his Grasshopper fx in the Andes
    Recumbent bike and the big mountains? No way. Thats what many people think. But only those, who had never experienced. But Dan Celis is practitioner. Since one year the guy from Belgium is on his way with a Grasshopper fx of HP Velotechnik. During his tour all around the world he recently visited at least Southamerica, especially the Andes Mountains. 4800 meters (14.400 ft), he wrote with proud, was the highest saddle he travelled with his recumbent. His comment: "The bike is doing great!" And by the way: Those who think that he is cruising on well sealed roads – youre wrong! Down there the roads are runways where urban owners of a SUV would be frightened using their vehicle. But this are cars and no recumbent bikes for travelling the world!

    More und above all more fotos of Dan: see www.dancelis.blogspot.com.

  • New Scorpion fs EnduroTrike

    EuroBike Award 2013

    Trail riding on three wheels: that gave a thrill to trike fans all around the world – and it convinced the jury of the Eurobike Award so that the Scorpion fs Enduro was awarded in 2013 for "particularly innovative design and outstanding product quality". With Forest Lightning and its eye-catching metallic green design we are going to check out new trails. With full suspension and due to technologies from the automotive construction sector it will bring to you yet unknown pleasures while riding in the outback but as well it invites you to delightfully cruise on nature trails. Watch out for our testpilots riding the Taunus Mountains next to the home of HP Velotechnik in Kriftel, where the offroad trike was constructed.

    The Scorpion fs Enduro trike will be available from October 2013 at 3990 Euros in the standard configuration.
    This includes bi-colored frame, tires: Schwalbe Nobby Nic, full suspension, disc brakes: Avid BB7, 27 gears: SRAM / Shimano XT dualdrive hub.

    Find out more in our press release.

  • New for 2014: Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet

    For the next season our whole trike fleet will be available with an optional second rechargeable battery. That means: We double the range of the vehicle. But it means even more: You can switch over from the empty to the full battery with one movement of your hand. And hence the twin-option blends perfectly in with the design features, so that the vehicle becomes more stable to ride. Find out more in our press release.

  • Red Devil's rolling Eiffel Tower Didi Senft is famous for his appearance as the Red Devil at the Tour de France. For the Tour's 100th anniversary, Didi built a 5.9 meters high Eiffel Tower which may result in Didi's 18th entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Open Day on 13. July 2013Open Day on 13. July 2013
    We look forward to welcoming you at our new premises:
    Kapellenstrasse 49 in 65830 Kriftel, Germany.
    From 10:00 am to 04:00 pm we will open our doors to offer an insight into our trikes and recumbent bikes manufacturing process. Also you have the chance to enjoy a ride with one of our bikes as well as get an answer to the questions you might have.

    We are happy to receive your non-binding notice, for a better organisation, in advance by e-mail: mail(at)hpvelotechnik.com

  • Aktiv Radfahren Press Room: Scorpion fs 26 tested by Aktiv Radfahren
    (german only) "Grobe Fahrbahnen, anspruchsvolle Touren, rauher Alltag - alles kein Problem mit dem neuen Scorpion fs 26. Das superkomfortable, hochmoderne Fahrwerk und die hohe Qualität bringen Fahrspaß wie Sicherheit. Ein ausgereiftes Hightech-Liege-Trike wie es besser nicht sein kann!" (more ...)

  • Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine Press room: Scorpion fs 26 tested by Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine
    "One of the things that most impressed me about the Scorpion is how comfortable it is to ride. The full suspension, coupled with the mesh seat, relaxed riding position, and under seat steering makes for a cushy ride; I mean, you could take a nap on this thing. Also, the front and rear suspension are independently adjustable, so you can dial in a firmer or softer ride. The HP "No Squat Design" rear suspension is known for not robbing the rider of pedal power, and in my experience, it lived up to that reputation." (more ...)

  • 'BentRider Online Press room: 'BentRider Online on the Scorpion fs 26
    "HP Velotechnik has an unqualified hit on their hands with their Scorpion fs full-suspension tadpole. Dealers are moving them quickly and owners adore them. However, its not in HP Velotechniks nature to ever leave well enough alone. Therefore, it was inevitable that there would be a new version eventually. So came to be that the new Scorpion fs 26 that was unveiled with much fanfare at last years Eurobike show." (more ...)

  • Aktiv Radfahren Empfehlung Press room: "Aktiv Radfahren" tests Street Machine Gte
    (german only) "Dann lässt sich auf dem ergonomischen Sitz aus der Liegeposition heraus die Landschaft hervorragend in den Blick nehmen und vor allem genießen. Daran ändert sich auch nichts, wenn die Streetmachine mit viel Gepäck beladen ist. Die Laufruhe ist schlicht überzeugend." (more ...)

  • Firmensitz Kapellenstrasse 49, 65830 Kriftel Due to continuous growing over the last years our location in Elisabethenstrasse became too small. So we are moving to our new and larger site on Friday, January 25th. Some 2000 sqm for warehouse, workshop and offices give us the opportunity to keep growing in the emerging recumbent market.

    Our new address is:

    HP Velotechnik OHG
    Kapellenstraße 49
    65830 Kriftel / Germany

    All other contact data remain unchanged.

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