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News Archive

In our news archive you can find press releases of new products, links to test reports and exciting stories about HP Velotechnik recumbents.

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News 2015 – Developments, Test Reports, Recumbent Highlights

  • A great day for a small trike – Today we've assembled the first prodution model of our new Gekko fxs. Escpecially for smaller people from 1.15 to 1.80 m the new tricycle offers superior riding fun and safety. Through a wide range of accessories and special components, it is a versatile platform for rehabilitation and therapy applications – not only for in children and teenagers!

    Gekko fxs Nummer 1 für Veloladen

    Gekko fxs Number One ships in a bright white custom colour with blue accents. Delighted by the introduction of new trike, Ortwin Kürten was the first to the new Gekko fxs as demo model for his Veloladen Bike Shop in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne.

  • HP Velotechnik Apparel by Bend It Cycling New partnership – Exclusively for the U.S. and Canada Bend It Cycling offers a collection of recumbent bike wear, all with pockets and zippers on the front. Just click on one of the images and order your HP Velotechnik Appareal today!

  • Press room: Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine reviews the Gekko fx 26"The Gekko fx 26 is a great choice, especially considering its entry-level price tag. This trike delivers a lot for the money and I’d be delighted to own one." (more ...)

  • HP Liegerad Konfigurator Our Recumbent & Trike-Configurator now comes in a new up-to-date HTML5 design, optimized for any screen size and mobile devices.
    Check out the new Configurator to find and set up the recumbent of your dreams!

  • Relaxed on a trike – that's how the band Juicy Loops present the HP Velotechnik trikes Scorpion and Gekko fx in their latest video for the song "Mach komm schon".


  • The all new 2016 Scorpion fx is ready to roll!

    HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx A great start into the 2016 model year: Our all new Scorpion fx, one of the well received highlights of this year's Eurobike show, is ready for ordering right now. With our comfortable custom configurator you can easily set up your individual sporty touring trike. Experience the more sportier and stiffer ride of the 2016 Scorpion fx on your 2015 routes right now – learn more about the new Scorpion fx.

  • Trike of the week – normally the German online magazine MTB NEWS talks about bikes, i.e. mountainbikes. This week they were driven to change the categorie: They had to talk about a mountaintrike! German downhill queen Franzi Meyer had to stopp her racing efforts because of a broken collarbone. So she turned over to ride one of our Scorpion Enduro trikes for a couple of weeks. With growing pleasure - but see it for yourself! (more on mtb-news.de)


  • HP Velotechnik Big rush: Almost 600 visitors – as many as never before – joined the day of open house of German recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik. The hours ticked away quickly and the visitors were highly delighted by the program with two factory tours and, of course, test-driving the whole range of the HP Velotechnik-trikes and recumbents. The attendants came from whole Germany and the european neighbor states as Netherlands, Belgium or Sweden.

  • Incredible! – The results from HP Velotechnik "SPEZI" convention broke all records: Our stand was overrun on both days! In our 20 year attendance, no one could remember so many visitors on both days. The doors opened at 10:00 and we were in non-stop action until they closed again at 18:00. Whether recumbent or not-yet-recumbent enthusiast, we were inundated with specific technical, and general questions about the HP Velotechnik line-up. Many people confided in us that recumbent cycles were new to them and since they had heard so much about them, they had to see them in person. Many visitors focused on the newly introduced Scorpion plus comfort trike which provides an upright sitting position allowing a completely new group of people to enjoy a tadpole trike. Additionally, we are offering many customizing options to allow people with mobility issues to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

    HP Velotechnik at Special Bikes Show 2015

    Not only were we swamped with questions about the new HP Velotechnik products, but Matthias Ramsel who will be starting in a few days on his spectacular "Trans-Mongolian Kite-Trike Tour" took time to talk to many interested visitors. His expedition trike which combines a HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 20 and a kite harness earned its share of interested looks. There were more than enough questions about the "how and why" as well as many good luck wishes.
    Our good friend Matt Galat came by to say "Hi!" He starts his 5 (yes, FIVE!) year "JaYoe" ‘round the world tour again this summer. Matt had to stop last year after an accident with a truck. Both of our globetrotters had lots to tell about their experiences and give tips and tricks about their Scorpion fs 20s.

  • Add fuel, Matt! In a couple of weeks, after a 6 month break, our friend Matt will re-boot the around the world trip "JaYoe" Project! His absence from his Scorpion Trike (after an accident with a truck!) was put to good use; he spent the time editing some outstanding videos of our factory! This should come as no surprise since Matt is a professional in this field. These impressions give detailed, behind-the-scenes look of how the project started in Kriftel and the work in the assembly hall, capturing the "YoJoe" spirit.

    PS: "JaYoe" is Chinese and means: "Add fuel!"

  • The Magic Three: A Scorpion trike, a sport kite and cross country ski – if you thought this triad to be three different forms ao sport: you are wrong! Matthias Ramsel is assessing this extremely rare combination to prepare his "Transmongolian Kite-Trike-Tour". The protagonist is our partner in one of the most spectacular bike-projects of the 21st century: He will ride through Mongolia on a trike, pulled most of the time by a regular kite.

    He explains: "I have to get as much practise as possible to know, how to direct the kite when sitting in my trike." Time is getting short until the start in early May. So he just cut off an old pair of cross country skis and fixed them to the front wheels of his "Scorpion fs". Then he headed out for the highest mountain in Hesse (Wasserkuppe, Rhön), buckled up the kite harness – and off he goes! Watch the pictures here, the action video will come soon:

  • On friday noon the first production model of our new Scorpion plus range has left our manufacture in Kriftel. A reason to celebrate for staff and CEOs alike.

    With the family photo we also would like to send our newest member, with all the best wishes to its recipient: the "Veloladen" of Ortwin Kü in Bergisch-Gladbach. Following the "first come, first serve" principle, the "Veloladen" receives the first "Scorpion plus" as they already had confirmed their order when we launched the new Scorpion plus 20 and Scorpion plus 26 in 2014.

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