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News Archive

In our news archive you can find press releases of new products, links to test reports and exciting stories about HP Velotechnik recumbents.

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News 2017 – Developments, Test Reports, Recumbent Highlights

  • HP Velotechnik awarded Citizen's Prize – In a prestigious ceremony, the recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik was awarded the "German Citizen's Prize 2017" in the category "socially-responsible companies". The prize was donated from the communal public bank Taunus Sparkasse.

    HP Velotechnik co-founder Paul Hollants with award German Citizen's Prize

    A total of 29 persons and projects were honoured. More information in German can be found in our press release on the German Citizen's Prize 2017.

  • The English version of our company portrait is available now as announced earlier. The video has been produced when we were awarded the Export Prize from the province of Hessen and gives a glimpse into our factory as well as our history.


  • HP Velotechnik Logo untereinander blau schwarz HP Velotechnik 25th Anniversary – a new brand experience 2018 is the 25th anniversary of HP Velotechnik. We have taken the time to reflect back to everything that we have accomplished together in order to update our market presence.

    Together with the most detailed and complicated product relaunch in the history of HP Velotechnik, we wish to present the new logo and intense colours to carry us forward. A completely re-vamped website will go along with our newest market entries. Our new vision can be seen live for the first time at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen.

  • New for 2018 – Just before the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany, where we always show our newest highlights, we can slowly start to present some more of our new, top products. We will only have our 25th anniversary once, so there are some major changes coming. The two-wheelers and the Gekko family have a completely new look, whereas the Scorpions will follow.

    Recumbent bike HP Velotechnik Streetmachine Gte boom with Pinion drive Technically, Pinion is one of the new driving stars either for new vehicles or to retrofit onto older HP Velotechnik bikes. We always keep one thought in mind when offering such a game-changer: perfect integration reflecting the needs of recumbents. Extra large, and efficient chain management system for an especially quiet ride. Further information on Pinion drivetrains in the press release.

    The world premier from HP Velotechnik: The special bicycle manufacturer presents the "WingBling" being the first German manufacturer accepted by the German Department of Motor Vehicles. The turn indicators are "only" available for trikes. No more hand signals are needed; just push a button and the traffic knows that you wish to change lanes or turn a corner. Hands stay on the handlebar and riders can fully concentrate on steering and braking. Further information on our turn indicator in the press release.

    HP Velotechnik turn indicator for recumbent trikes

    More new highlights and developments for 2018 options can be found on our New Developments page which will be periodically updated.

  • A friendly blue sky and mild temperatures greeted one and all at the HP Velotechnik Open House on the last Saturday in June this year.

    HP Velotechnik: Open house day 2017 - company tour

    Not only were there many familiar faces, but lots of new visitors to our factory were welcomed to see how we work. Most people were interested in how a HP Velotechnik is built and the assembly area was constantly full. Nobody can explain the processes at HP Velotechnik better than one of the founders, Paul Hollants who's amusing anecdotes about how the company was founded kept everyone entertained as well as well informed during the tours. Even Klaus Dapp, a blogger from Darmstadt who is regularly at this event is amazed how Paul always has a new story to tell.

    HP Velotechnik: Open house day 2017 - travel presentation Tom Richter

    The guest presenter at this years event, Tom Richter, had wonderful stories about his Asia tour with his family. Due to train delays that day, he showed up a bit late, but the wait was worth it seeing how the question period at the end was almost as long as his presentation! Unfortunately, the digital part of his second presentation encountered some "issues" and was improvised with an spontaneous interview from our press speaker, Alexander Kraft.

    HP Velotechnik: Open house day 2017 - test area

    Nevertheless, the day ran without any further hitches seeing how the weather was perfect for outdoor activities and we had perfectly organized the day's events. The test track on our parking lot always full with people trying out the entire HP Velotechnik selection. We wish to thank everyone to came to visit us and hope to see you again next year!

  • A great honour was bestowed upon HP Velotechnik showing that even small businesses can be a global player: our company was awarded the Export Prize from the province of Hessen!

    HP Velotechnik: Team der Mitarbeiter mit Hessischem Exportpreis 2017

    We export about the half of the yearly produced 2000 recumbent bicycles into the American market since we started exporting back in the year 2000. The award was a cause for celebration amongst the employees of HP Velotechnik. One of the owners and founders of HP Velotechnik, Paul Hollants said, "Everyone at HP Velotechnik contributed to achieving this award: development, production, and sales – everybody made a difference."

    Please read the press release to the award (in German). In this context, a small video was made about HP Velotechnik (in German, English version forthcoming):


  • The right cycle for every situation! With this claim we have made it onto the interactive "map of innovative places" – part of a campaign launched by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to honour the invention of bicycles 200 years ago

    200 years cycling history – made in Germany: map of innovative places

    In order to celebrate the anniversary of Karl von Drais' invention the ministry presents different projects, products and initiatives in Germany, which contribute to the future of cycling. We are proud to be acknowledged being part of the innovative cycling history – to be successful with new ideas has been essential for our own founding period and is lying deeply in our DNA. Hence, we are very grateful to find this esteemed in such a prominent manner.

    More information (in German) can be found here on the homepage of the ministry.

  • A Company Portrait (just before our Anniversary) – In a few months, we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of HP Velotechnik. A retrospective of all the years gives us lots of stories to tell. Mel Birgé from RecumbentPDX, one of our preeminent dealers in the United States, met up with us at the Spezi in Germersheim, Germany to get the inside scoop from one of the owners and founders, Paul Hollants.


  • The 2017 Spezi was a true spring show – more than 10,000 visitors came to the 22nd International Special Bicycle Show to enjoy the fabulous sunshine and spring temperatures on the last April weekend.

    Spezialradmesse SPEZI 2017 - entrance city hall Germersheim

    Not only were the hardcore recumbent enthusiasts present, but many newcomers to the scene made their appearance asking well informed questions as well as trying out a recumbent on the two different test tracks that were open all day during the show hours. Both the test riding area for the e-bikes and the muscle powered recumbents were heavily frequented by interested riders and future recumbent owners. Our booth was visited not only by owners of HP Velotechnik bikes, but from a large number of people who wanted more detailed information about our impressive line-up of recumbents.

    Spezialradmesse SPEZI 2017 - E-Bike test track

    We are very happy about the response over the two day event and the quality of questions and comments from interested consumers and dealers.

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