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Shimano STEPS

GO SwissDrive

Which E-Drive fits?


Electric recumbent trikes with Shimano STEPS motor

Electric assist Shimano STEPS:
Versatility is the key

Note: The Shimano STEPS electric assist systems are available as option for all HP Velotechnik's recumbent trikes, but not for our two wheel recumbent bicycles. For a two-wheeler bike e-drive option please have a look at the GO SwissDrive hub motor.

Maximum bandwidth: With the E5000 (available from 02/19 replacing the STEPS E6000) and E8000 systems, HP Velotechnik offers the entry-level and top model from Shimano's STEPS engine range. Each system has it's specific advantages. The remarkably small E5000 motor integrated in the front boom is ideal for the price-conscious. Equipped with enormous power, Shimano has originally created the E8000 for mountain bikers; as it turns out it is a great system for the demanding trike rider, too.

Adult recumbent tricycle with Shimano STEPS motor

The position of the motor is unconventional for a trike. The bottom bracket is infront, which is standard by all HP Velotechnik trikes. Up until recently, there was no practical method to incorporate a heavy motor in the boom. Other e-drives systems with small chainrings would have put too much stress on the frame when in high torque mode.

This is different with the STEPS series: They can be equipped with large chainrings (38, 44 or 50 teeth). This makes them absolutely trike-compatible and their slim silhouette blends discreetly into the award-winning designs of our recumbent trikes. The large chainrings provide lower chain forces at high torque, which has a positive effect on the lifespan of the chain and sprocket compared to manyother bottom bracket motors. The rider's power goes directly to the chainring, even at speeds above the pedelec support limit of 25 km/h (16 mph). Your power arrives at the rear wheel without noticeable power loss.

Electric assist Shimano STEPS battery on recumbent trike

With a range of up to 145 km (91 miles), the STEPS System presents a powerful result of the efficient energy management of the standard 418 Wh lithium battery. The range increases by a fifth if you alternatively choose the optional battery with 504 Wh capacity, which we supply with a quick charger of a 4 A charging current. The externally identical batteries can be easily removed by unhinging them and taking them off from the side. They snap back into place just as quickly and easily and have contact – without any plugs or separate cables. If you have a wall outlet available once you have reached your parking spot, you can even recharge the battery without removing it from the trike.

Additionally, all those who want to be on the safe side when it comes to range can choose the optional second battery, which always comes with 504 Wh. It travels safely on the special holder under the seat on the frame. To supply the electric assist system with power, you can replace a battery with the second one by switching them from side to side during a short stop.

Electric motor Shimano STEPS display on recumbent tricycle

The clearly arranged black and white display is easy to read in many lighting conditions due to the high contrast. A light switch is ergonomically integrated into the display: If you decide for our battery lighting system, simply press a button to turn the front and rear lights on.

A real display of options awaits the trike fans with the drivetrains that HP Velotechnik provides for its Shimano drives. This ranges from a Sram derailleur to an electrically operated Shimano XT Di2 and a fully automatic Shimano Nexus Di2 electric hub gear.

Shimano STEPS E5000

Shimano STEPS E8000

Electric assist motor Shimano STEPS E5000 Electric assist motor Shimano STEPS E8000
By far the most favorable electric motor in our modular system, the E5000 will quickly make many friends: Shimano once again knows how to convince and even surprise in the technical regard. As quiet as the E5000 provides its support, this is absolutely fantastic for a bottom bracket motor! And all this in a particularly small housing that elegantly fits into the front boom of your recumbent trike, which has been specially forged for the STEPS motors.
With its harmonious characteristics and a well-proportioned torque of 40 Newton meters, the E5000 in combination with the drivetrain options selected by us is the ideal companion for riders seeking comfort. In the basic version, with the 8-speed Sram X4 derailleur you are ideally equipped for the little ups and downs in a cyclist's life.
If you want to enjoy the maximum lightness of triker life, choose Shimano's Nexus Di2 8-speed hub with fully automatic transmission. This highly integrated combination is all about simplicity. You no longer have to worry about changing gear, as the Nexus Di2 shifts fully automatically. Depending on your pedaling, the system automatically selects the most efficient gear and at the same time can be trained to adapt to your preferences.
Comfortable: When the traffic lights stop force you to stop, this all-round carefree package automatically shifts into a small gear. To ensure smooth and jolt-free shifting, the support provided by the engine is reduced for a short moment during gear changes.
The flagship of the STEPS engine range is a real powerhouse. The motor produces up to 70 Newton meters at the front of your recumbent trike. Designed by Shimano for the MTB sector, the E8000 fits just as well into the requirement profile of a travel or trekking trike. The heart of the system is the very variable system control with the support levels "Eco", "Trail" and "Boost". By the way, these can also be individually adapted via smartphone.
Remarkable: The power engine also shows its advantages in terms of range on mountain slopes. From the standard 418 Wh battery in "Eco" mode it draws juice for around 80 kilometers and about 800 altitude meters. Packed in a beautifully shaped boom with elegant branding, specially forged for HP Velotechnik to house the STEPS system, it remains pleasantly quiet.
Top engine, top gearings: With the XT Di2 electric derailleur system, the 11 gears on the rear wheel are changed with the utmost precision at the push of a button, even under load. Fans of derailleur shifting will be particularly pleased to notice that this Shimano derailleur does away with the regular maintenance of the derailleur inner and outer cables! Many adventure cyclists with a lot of luggage, on the other hand, want a combination of a powerful engine and nearly indestructible internal gear hub. This makes the Rohloff 14-speed rear hub a faithfulcompanion on the trike. As the friends of the Rohloff most likely know, the pressure has to be taken off the pedal for a short moment to change the gears in the hub.

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