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Price lists – English (Euro)

The following price lists are valid for all countries worldwide except USA! Customers from the US please refer to our english US Dollar price lists.

All orders are subject to, and in accordance with, our Terms and Conditions.

HP Velotechnik retail price list (Euro) Our retail price list covers all HP Velotechnik recumbent bicycles and tricycles as well as spare parts and accessories.

You want to buy a certain HP Velotechnik recumbent bike or trike?
Please click either the picture or the logo of the model:

Foldable recumbent bicycle GrassHopper fx GrassHopper fx
Two wheel recumbent touring bike Streetmachine Gte Street Machine Gte
2 wheel fast recumbent bike Speedmachine Speedmachine
Foldable recumbent trike Gekko fx 20 Gekko fx Logo

Gekko fx 26 Logo
Adaptive recumbent trike for therapy and kids Gekko fxs Gekko fxs Logo
Lightweight sporty trekking trike Scorpion Scorpion
Collapsible recumbent touring trike Scorpion fx Scorpion fx Logo
full suspension foldable recumbent trike Scorpion fs Scorpion fs Logo
Full suspension folding recumbent speed trike Scorpion fs 26 Scorpion fs Logo

Scorpion fs Logo
3 wheel electric fast recumbent_trike Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec Scorpion fs Logo
Comfortable recumbent trike for adults Scorpion plus 20 Scorpion plus 20 Logo

Scorpion plus 20 Logo
HP Velotechnik recumbent custom configurator With our custom configurator you can conveniently choose, print and save your desired component specification for your custom-made recumbent bike or trike from HP Velotechnik.

We solely distribute our recumbent bikes in co-operation with bike-shops. Please take a look in our dealer database to find out the closest HP Velotechnik dealer. You could also contact your local dealer, he can most probably source our products for you.

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