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About us

Who is HP Velotechnik? This section tries to answer that question.

For the latest news from our designers visit the developments page. The Press room contains articles by the press about our products and the company itself. As a Service for journalists, media represtatives can download our press releases and free pictures in our press service. You may find a job in our Job adverts.

What you should know about the production in our factory and how a recumbent trike comes into being was filmed by our American friend Matthew Galat. The protagonist of the Five-year-world-triking-tour "Ja yoe" came with his video camera to Kriftel. Hi did it, fortunately, exactly at that time when his own trike was being built for the "Ja Yoe"-tour that leads him from China back to the USA.

Last not least we've got some background information about our Website for the technically interested (please also note our Conditions of Use).

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